OnePage Design

August 20th, 2013

*** V1.1 is Free now! (Support Joomla 2.5 only!)***
*** V1.2 Trial Price Promotion ***
Because version 1.2 has a huge change, v1.1 is free to download

OnePage Design is based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework( Responsive Layout ). Joomla 3 also use it!
It is a component that focus on static website design, not a template! What is does is to help user build up a simple,clean but look-professional one-page(currently) website, at the same time, mobile-friendly.

+ Easy Layout. OnePage even simplifies the html code of Bootstrap Component.
+ Themes. Bootstrap is popular so that you can find many themes everywhere.
+ Quick. If you are not a designer, you can also build a fresh website. Just to write down your content, upload the images. to adjust the width and height.
+ OnePage supports IOS App Meta so that mobile visitors can see the app display on the top of safari.
+ Google Font Extend. OnePage support you updated the google font link and supply a css editor in order to set up you font style.
+ Google Analytics.

Whom we focus to:
We don’t think everyone would like to pay for our products.
And the original idea of the component is to build up our site only.
So we’d like to help:
1. Web builder who want to save budget to hire designer.
2. Web designer who always design Joomla website for their clients.

* If OnePage can help a beginner to create a awesome site, we will say “Hooray”

OnePage tries to simplify the flow as much as we can.
Although it does, you are still required to do things as following:
1. To learn how to effects of Bootstrap (Very easy to pickup!).
2. Draw your idea on the paper first, then put your idea and content into OnePage, modify, preview, modify, preview till you think it’s great.

Last but not the least,
it’s our pleasure that you will pay a visit to our site, it’s created by OnePage too.

Have fun!