Open Graph Protocol Solution

September 4th, 2013

Open Graph Protocol SolutionOpen Graph Protocol Solution for Joomla is a pioneering Joomla Component that give full control over Joomla content for all kind of Open Graph Protocol customization.

Since the rise of sharing over social media and web2.0 sites, Open Graph Protocol technology has recently become very important for websites. Open Graph Protocol (OGP) enables developer or website owners to integrate their site / page / post into the social graph. Using OGP a good amount of information can be passed such as Title, Description, Image, Geo Tagging information, Author etc. OGP has become essential to make your website pages Social Media friendly.

Open Graph Protocol Solution for Joomla component once installed adds a OGP icon to the bottom of Joomla backend article editor from where you can give input to all kind of OGP tags. Also this component gives a listing option of all the articles for better management of OGP tagged articles.

Watch video demo here for admin walkthru:

===Basic Options
= Remove On Popup yes/no
= Remove From RSS yes/no
= Remove From Ajax yes/no

== Supported Components

= Com_Content (Article Manager) – Enable/Disable
= K2 (Com_k2) – Enable/Disable
= Flexi Content (Com_Flexicontent) – Enable/Disable
= Zoo Component (Com_Zoo) – Enable/Disable
= DJ Catalog2 (Com_Djcatalog2) – Enable/Disable
= Virtualmart (Com_Virtuemart) – Enable/Disable
= Tienda Shop (Com_tienda shop)
= RedShop (Com_Redshop) – Enable/Disable
= Quick FAQ (Com_Quickfaq) – Enable/Disable
= Enable or disable any component for admin or front end part separately
= Admin configuration option for the default setting of open graph tags

Supported Open Graph tags
Open Graph title (OG title)

Open Graph object type
Open Graph object description
Open Graph object image (Multiple images)
Open Graph local objects
– Latitude
– Longitude
– Street Address
– Locality
– Region
– Postal Code
– Country
Open Graph Person objects
– Email Address
– Phone Number
– Fax Number
– Open Graph Video Objects

– Video Height
– Video Width
– Video Type
– Video Duration
– Video Release Date
– Video Tags

Open Graph object for Audio
– Audio URL
– Audio Title
– Audio Artist
– Album Name
– Audio Type
Open Graph Tag for Product object
– UPC, ISBN, EAN, Availability, Quantity, Price,Currency Code and Brand name
– Supports Pinterest Product Tags

We almost added all available OG tag options , if you need any custom object/application object tag contact us @