OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics

December 17th, 2013

Now you can choose from 3 different positions to add the analytics code to your site:

Just before closing HEAD tag
Just after opening BODY tag
Just before closing BODY tag

This allows you to use Google Tag Manager by adding the full snippet.

(check out our new, free Head and Body plugin – it is similar, but simpler and more useful)

The easiest and most simple plugin to add the google analytics tracking code, supplied by google, to your site.

Now you can just add the Web Property ID… OR you can paste in the full code supplied by google…or whatever you want! You can also choose where it loads, in head or end of body section.

Asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code and adds it just before the closing html head tag for faster (asynchronous) loading of your website (without having to modify your template’s default code)!

If your site was slow because of google analytics, try this! This eliminates the lag caused by the old google analytics urchin.js and gs.js codes that had to be loaded at the bottom before the closing body tag.

We just wanted to give back to the Joomla community in one small way!

You can view the source code of our site to see it in action (demo above)!


Just install, goto plugin manager (EXTENSIONS -> PLUGIN MANAGER, click on it, then add your UA-XXXXXXX-X Web Property ID in the plugin settings (make sure Web Property ID is selected, and set ENABLE to YES!.
IMPORTANT: Only use “Tracking Code” if you are pasting in raw code)

To verify it is working View Source of your homepage and search for your web property ID. Google reports on stats gathered 24 hours later… so be patient!

Oh and make sure to disable any other tool that adds the Google Analytics tracking code so you don’t have 2 tracking codes (duh!).

Troubleshooting… Disable all caching/css compression/speed tools first to verify you are looking at fresh code! Then try setting the system plugin last or first in the order in plugin manager, then try disabling all other system plugins temporarily.

IMPORTANT: Imagine having a strong urge, to come back here and leave a review, that won’t go away until you do! Just one tiny thing we’d like in return… We’d be grateful!

Updated to include advanced options of domain tracking methods… just install it over the old one (no need to uninstall).