June 9th, 2013

OpenSimThis package contains the component for interacting with an opensimulator server, 2 modules (grid status and friends online) and a plugin for creating OpenSim accounts during registering as well as a quickicon plugin for admin.

NOTE: jOpenSim does NOT install OpenSim, so OpenSim must be already installed for this extension to work.

The component is developed and designed with opensimulator v 0.7.5 running in grid and standalone mode with MySQL as storage engine. See the readme.pdf for further details.

With this component you can:

* maintain the login page for viewers
* enable registered joomla accounts to create an account for the sim
* control last names of OpenSim user registration in a deny/allow list
* manually create and delete user accounts for the sim
* manually set relations between joomla user and opensim user
* define the default home for new registered users
* define a Joomla article as welcome message for new registered users
* send messages to the sim
* display a map of the entire grid (NEW: map images will be cached)
* offline messages including forwarding to an email account
* inworld profiles
* inworld groups
* user can manage the inworld account via frontend
* search inworld
* create events
* edit user (grid)login levels
* let users choose a custom avatar during registration