Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows

February 24th, 2010

Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows has been released!

Beta 2 contains many significant improvements over the first beta, and we would like to thank everyone who helped us test Opera for your great work! Your invaluable feedback really does make a difference, and it helps us turn Opera into an even better browser.

For those of you who have been following the Reader’s Choice Awards browser vote, remember that today is the last day of voting.

We hope to have new builds ready for Unix and Mac testing shortly.

Read on for highlights and changelog since the previous Windows snapshot.


  • Skin work, and tweaked styling of internal pages (opera:* and error pages)
  • Improved opera:config
  • Improved overlay authentication dialogs to avoid spoofing
  • Context menu fixes
  • Basic Web Storage user interface
  • Lots of crash fixes
  • Widgets fixes