Opera 10.60 goes final

July 1st, 2010

Opera 10.60 has been released today! Opera 10.60 is based on a brand new version of Opera’s rendering engine, Presto 2.6.30 and includes support for several new web technologies, such as Geolocation, Web Workers and Offline Applications. In addition Opera 10.60 is the first final browser that has support for the high quality video format WebM.

During the development of Opera 10.60 we also focused on stability, performance and alignment of all platforms. Opera 10.60 has notably improved Javascript and DOM performance, and since Opera 10.54 almost a thousand bugs have been fixed. Unix users can now also enjoy a final version of Opera with the speed of the new Javascript engine Carakan, and other features that have been introduced in Opera 10.50 and Opera 10.60.

We’d like to thank everyone for testing the snapshots, reporting bugs, and giving us other feedback. Stay tuned on this blog for more Presto updates!

Download Opera 10.60