Opera 11.00 Release Candidate 1

December 14th, 2010

Thanks to the heavy testing being performed both internally at Opera, and by all of you eager testers out there, we now have a very good overview of the quality level of Opera 11.0.

In fact, we have now reached a stage where Opera 11.0 is mature enough to be prepared for a final release.

Our improved development process the past year or so has allowed us to work on more things simultaneously, while at the same time keeping a stable main branch. So when public builds have seemed crashy, that has usually been the result of unstable/experimental feature and/or bug fix branches being added separately to form a snapshot (informally referred to as Frankenstein Builds or Frankenbuilds in the team), rather than making the main release branch unstable. After proper testing, features and fixes are added back to the main branch. This is the reason why one cannot judge the quality of a final release based on previous snapshots.

At this point, less severe bugs will have to wait for a future version, but we definitely want to make sure there isn’t anything major preventing the release. We are particularly interested in bigger problems affecting tab stacking, extensions, and the new mail panel or Windows installer. And although our improved development process helps to prevent regressions on the main release branch, we still want to know about any regressions you may find, and particularly ones that could potentially block a release.

So if anyone discovers any major new bugs in this release candidate, let us know! And if you don’t, we might just be ready to get this release out the door fairly soon with your help.

Note: As this is a Release Candidate, the installation folder will default to the latest stable installation folder.