Opera 11.51 (Swordfish) Release Candidate 1

August 23rd, 2011

Whilst we continue work towards Opera 12.00 (Wahoo), there are some important bugs we need to fix in the 11.50 (Swordfish) line. Hence there will be an 11.51 maintenance/stability release between 11.50 and 12.00. Here is the first release candidate for 11.51.

We won't be releasing "Opera Next" packages of this build as it is an update to the stable browser and should not be installed over Opera Next Wahoo packages, since that would effectively be a downgrade (which is never supported).

Try this out as an improved stable Opera, whilst you continue to test our latest features and improvements in the continuing Wahoo Opera Next snapshot series!

Note: Remember as this is a maintenance update we are only interested in regressions since 11.50! Please do not report anything else here.

Download the Release Candidate