Opera 11.60 “Tunny” – first snapshot

November 4th, 2011

We now plan to to have an update before Opera 12.00, which we will call Opera 11.60 and code name "Tunny". Tunny is another name for Tuna, and it is yet another incredibly fast chicken fish.

As you know the Wahoo snapshots already contain plenty of important Core updates, including great improvements in web standard support and hence have a big, positive impact on web site compatibility. Most of these features are almost ready for every day use and just need a little bit of polishing. However, other features including hardware acceleration still require a fair amount of work. Our ambitions for hardware acceleration are very high and we consider it more important to do it right, than to do it fast. Therefore we have decided to have an interim release, without hardware acceleration, so that Opera users can benefit from some of the other updates as soon as possible, in their every day, stable browser! :hat:

Opera 11.60 should greatly improve your browsing experience when viewing your favourite websites as a result of the following updates:

  • A new HTML5 parser (Ragnarök)
  • A new version of Carakan—our ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine—with improved memory management on complex web applications
  • Full ECMAScript 5.1 support
  • CSS3 radial gradients
  • Support for HTML5 custom scheme and content handlers (new in this build)
  • New featherweight address field with bookmark star menu

Note: Other features such as the new theme support we showed off in the Opera 12 alpha will also be held off until Opera 12.00, as it is not yet ready for all three desktop platforms.

We're now working on Opera 11.60 and 12.00 side by side, so you will receive snapshots of both Opera versions from us. :up: Opera 11.60 is expected to ship in a final version very soon so we hope you will contribute too, by giving us your feedback on this first Tunny snapshot.

Please note that Opera Next should not be downgraded, so install this build separately from your Opera 12.00 installation.

Oh and one final thing, with this build we have once again upgraded Presto (our Core rendering engine) to jump from 2.9.220 to 2.10.228! :yes:

Known issues

  • Opera 11.60 snapshots will not be auto-updated (only 12.00 snapshots).
  • Flash Player 11 crashes on Mac. We recommend disabling it or downgrading for the time being.
  • This is an Opera build not Opera Next. You should backup your stable profile before upgrade.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.