Opera 11.60 (Tunny) Beta

November 10th, 2011

The Opera 11.60 (Tunny) beta is now available for download.

Tunny introduces major changes to the both the user interface and the core of the browser (Presto). In addition to numerous bug fixes and other improvements, these are some of the highlights:

  • A new HTML5 parser (Ragnarök), which improves compatibility
  • A new version of our Carakan JavaScript engine with improved memory management on complex web applications
  • Full ECMAScript 5.1 support
  • CSS3 radial gradients
  • Support for HTML5 custom scheme and content handlers
  • Fixes and tweaks to the Featherweight skin, including a new Featherweight address field
  • A star to the right in the address field lets you quickly add or remove pages from your bookmarks or Speed Dial. It lights up when the current page already exist as a bookmark or Speed Dial

Opera's built-in e-mail client has also received a major facelift:

  • Changed the layout to work well with wide screens
  • The list of mails now shows two lines: Subject and sender
  • You can group messages by date, unread status or pinned status
  • We cleaned up the looks, including new icons and simplified toolbars
  • A new overlay dialog for settings lets you easily change the layout and other things
  • "Pin" messages with a single click for attention
  • Faster mail fetching thanks to QRESYNC support and several backend optimizations

Work on Wahoo (Opera 12) with hardware acceleration is continuing in parallel with this, and we are planning new Opera 12 snapshots next week.

Download the Tunny Beta