Opera 27 released

January 27th, 2015

Opera 27 (based on Chromium 40) for Mac, Windows, and Linux is out! To find out what’s new for consumers, see our Desktop Team blog. Here’s what it means for web developers.

minlength attribute

Opera now supports the minlength HTML attribute for form controls, which declares a lower bound on the number of characters a user can input.


The reportValidity() method on form elements invokes the browser’s built-in form validation user interface programmatically, and returns a boolean indicating the input’s validity. This saves developers from needing to implement their own validation UI in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Here’s a demo that makes use of minlength and reportValidity().

Content Security Policy Level 2

Opera 27 adds support for a number of new directives and capabilities introduced in Content Security Policy Level 2. The CSP specification includes a detailed overview of these changes.