Opera Next and auto-update

July 8th, 2011

We get many questions about why the builds we upload to this blog aren’t immediately added to the auto-update system. This is quite understandable, since auto-update is such a convenient way to get the build.

However, the very fact that it is automatically updated without any interaction from you, makes us want to make sure that the builds are somewhat usable before pushing them to auto-update – you do not want Opera to unexpectedly start crashing on all your favorite sites.

In short, this is how it works:

  1. Make a build
  2. Smoke test it internally while writing the blogpost
  3. Upload it to the snapshot server
  4. Publish the blog post
  5. Wait for eager testers to give their feedback
  6. If nothing is obviously wrong, we ask our server guys to add the build to the auto-update system. This part can often happens a day after we decide that the build is good enough

So be patient. We will add builds as soon as they are deemed good enough. If we don’t add the builds to auto-update within a few days, it probably means we decided it was not good enough. If that is the case, a new snapshot will very likely be released very soon.