Optimize Your Tables

October 28th, 2013

Optimize Your Tables v1.2:

A system level plugin for Joomla v1.7, v2.5 and now v3.x that once a day optimizes your database’s tables so as to keep your site running at its peek performance by getting rid of the MySQL database overhead.

This has only been tested on Joomla v1.7 and up.

v1.0: Initial Release.
v1.1: Bug fix – thanks to Ebo Eppenga
v1.2: tested on Joomla 3.0



P.S.: If you are going to rate the plugin, please comment or contact me [] if you’re having issues with it. [Someone rated it 1 out of 5 without any comments/review and without getting in contact with me so I couldn’t help them 🙁 ].

Credit: This is based on work by and their Joomla v1.5 plugin which they no longer maintain.