OS Slideshow

September 30th, 2011

OS Slideshow is a carefully crafted slider/image rotator joomla module with full of features, very easy to install and customize. Whenever you need a full featured slider image rotator or you need a simple ad banner, OS Slideshow will do the job with ease!

1. Easy to Use and Modify – it is extremely easy to use powerful slider/banner image rotator. The slider size has to be defined only on ONE PLACE and to set the options and the images. Tweaking the skins gives you full control over the layout.
2. Skinable – 12 different skins – each skin has its own folder and is extremely well commented, so any modifications to the buttons images, position and etc. is extremely simplified.
3. LightBox Support – with this options enabled when a slides has been clicked you can load bigger picture in modal mode. You only need to enter link to .jpg/.png/.gif and LightBox enabled and the linked image will be displayed in Lightbox modal window activated.
4. PrettyPhoto Support – when a link is entered and the link points to YouTube, Vimeo, an image or QuickTime movie, it automatically will recognize what is the link type and will display it in a modal window.
5. Youtube Support – through prettyPhoto modal dialog.
6. Vimeo Support – through prettyPhoto modal dialog.
7. QuickTime Support – through prettyPhoto modal dialog.
8. Repeat Slides / Continues Sliding – with this options you can tell the slider to repeat the slides infinitely, to play all slides once and stop or to repeat all the slides given number of times.
9. GoToSlideOnStart Option – the banner will start rotating at the given starting slide.
10. Timer – shows how much has remained until the next slide is displayed. The position of the timer can be controlled through an option.
11. Pause onMouseOver – if the slider is in play mode and you move the mouse over the slider, this option if “true” pauses the slider.
12. Tooltip – when you hover the small slide buttons, a thumbnail will popup. If you use image the thumbnail will be automatically generated so you do not need to create the thumbnails. If set to text, then you just need to enter title for each image, these titles will popup.
13. Tooltip Size – defines the tooltip width size in percents of the slider from 0 to 100. If you use text tooltip and have more text than the width allows, the tooltip will expand upward (this is changeable through the skins CSS)
14. Autoplay – on start.
15. Shuffle – randomize the slides order so every time a random slide will be displayed when the page is loaded.
16. Delay – how long each slide to be displayed/visible.
17. Transition Period – how long transition to last.
18. Vertical Sectors – how many columns one transition has.
19. Squares – how many rows one transition has.
20. Hyperlinks – this is global option for the links and it could be turned on or off.
21. Buttons Visibility – an option which allows you easily to hide all buttons.
22. Play/Pause buttons visibility – show or hide Pl