OSE Feature Table™

August 9th, 2013

OSE Feature Table™Create matrix comparison table within minutes

OSE Feature table Version 3.0.0 – 3.0.1
* Enhancement – Added the parameter to turn on / off OSE footer in the frontend
* Enhancement – Added the parameter to load default or custom css file in the frontend
* Bug fix – Fixed the CSS issues in Joomla 2.5 platforms

OSE Feature table for Joomla provides a very friendly user interface for you to create a matrix comparison table easily. Within minutes, you can create a feature table / comparison table with rows of different types, e.g. heading, price, separator rows, information rows etc to compare multiple products in different columns based on your variables.

Communicates with your clients in an infomrative way

Unlike other table components, OSE Feature tables allows you to create Radio fields with empty value so the table will not be overloaded with redundancies, e.g. full of YES or NO icons. Also, a separator row allows you to summarize the the same features across different products to reduce duplicated information across different columns. This minimizes the size of your feature table but maximize the informativeness of the table.

Enhanced readability with Zebra Stripes

OSE Feature Table uses a Zebra Stripes to style the table in order to enhance the readability of the information provided by the table. Adding alternating row colors helps your clients follow the line of communication and connect the floating information in the center of a table with the anchored category on the first column. Adding Zebra stripes helps your reader to connect and compare piecies of information among differetn columns.

Easily Customized without any hard coding

OSE Feature Table can be fully customized by editing the css style sheet. There is only one css style sheet loaded in the component to style the tables. If you would like to customize the style of the table, no hard-coding is needed. Simply changing the css style sheet can change the appearance of the table to what you would like to achieve.