March 29th, 2013

OSModulDisplay OpenStreetMap on your site.

Features of this module:
– Easy to use
– Set markers to the map
– multiple marker support
– marker popup
– languages: EN, DE, (FR addon)
– custom marker support
– based on Leaflet -> nice design
– different maps on one site
– no ads
– different map styles: Mapnik, MapQuest, Cloudmade
– custom tile server support
– auto update
– moduleclass suffix

New in 2.4:
– Fix: some “PHP strict” warnings
– Fix: Marker wasn’t shown at all “copies” of the world

New in v2.3:
– Joomla 3.0 support
– Missing Icon in module settings fixed
– Leaflet updated to v0.5.1

Italian translation by Stefano:

French translation by Bertrand David: