June 12th, 2013

Aimed for non technical joomla site users who often find it hard making hacks in core code ,this plugin easily adds captcha to joomla forms for registration,contact us,reset passord and remind username.
Just have to follow 3 steps.
1.install the plugin
2.publish the plugin .
3.Check the 5 forms(mentioned above).

Though not required in most cases,we reccomend to go to admin page of the plugin and do the 2 addtional steps to enhance security against spam attacks ,they are

1.Set ‘yes’ for ‘Enable second level security for Core forms’ after making sure the captcha appears in all the above mentioned forms.(not needed from version 2.0 onwards)

If captcha doesnt appear in any of those forms(this will be due to template overrrides ),set ‘No’ to auto add feature for that particular form (otherwise that form wont work after enabling second level security check)


Use the php block (mentioned in the documentation page )in the overridden template file of the form to have the captcha controls appear there

2.Further there is a layer of backend spam protection with the help of botscout api which could prevent even human spams to an extend.We reccomend you to enable this as well.

Can also be included with other joomla forms by putting the PHP block shown in the download page(this is different from version 2.0 onwards).For this you need to loacte the file that contains the html of the form.It is recommeded that this be done by coders or with their help though installing and publishing the plugin could be done by anyone(which in turn will add the captchs to the 3 forms mentioned above)

Currently there are 2 limitations for this plugin

1.If the html part is customized for com_user,mod_login or com_contact,it may not work.Since this is aimed for non techy joomla users it wont affect them as they dont edit any files

2.Enabling auto add for mod_login(not available from version 2.0 onwards) is subject to conditions and is disabled by default.if you enable it, make sure that it is in a unique position ,position must be any of these(‘left’,’right’,’top’,’user2′,’user3′) .The position occupied by mod_login should not contain any other modules

I have included a link to the download page of this plugin with the captcha image.You are free to remove it,though I will be happy to have that link with the captcha image 🙂

This is my first extension to JED.Any suggestions and help on improving this plugin will be much appreciated

PS:Please check the technical requirements section and FAQs section in the download page of the plugin,first if you are having any issues with the plugin

AJAX verification introduced in version 2.0 beta so that form data is not lost on submission due to wrong captcha value.Coders/developrs are requested to check this and mail feedback

Feel free to post your doubts,suggestions,reccomendations and any issues with this plugin thorugh contact us form in my site