July 26th, 2011

OSToolbar is a revolutionary new extension that places video tutorials throughout your Joomla administrator area.

* You: Would you benefit from expert Joomla help inside your site?
* Your clients: Would your web design clients benefit from Joomla video help?

OSToolbar makes sure that you and your clients will always have the very best Joomla training and support … exactly where and when you need it.

Key Things to Know About OSToolbar Videos:

* The videos are short: Your time is precious. Each video is only 4 to 5 minutes and gets right to the point.
* The videos are popular: These are the same videos we use to teach 1000s of customers on this site.
* The videos never expire: Once you buy OSToolbar, all future updates are free.
* The videos are updated: We’re constantly improving the videos. You’ll get instant updates.
* The videos are growing: There are videos for JCalPro, K2, and K2Mart. More extensions are coming!

There are two ways to view the videos tutorials:

1. You can see all of the videos at once inside the OSToolbar component.
2. You can see a specific tutorial for each page of the Joomla administrator area.

The demo can be found here:

Password: demo