Pageflip Multi

January 5th, 2013

Pageflip MultiModule type pageflip/Flip Book for multiple books.

This opens a book with links to others books.

We can create books only with images or mixed text and images.

It comes with 5 books:
1 – Book only image list (400×300)
2 – Only copy of 1 with other images
3 – Book with text only
4 – Book with image list of 550×750
5 – Simply create the directory it generate the book with all the pictures and also get the dimensions of the images (all must have similar dimensions).

In version 1.3 Beta I broke the main file in 5 to optimize and learn (dynamically loads on demand).

Now we can select books to display.

Note: To customize the books 4 or 5 is required to preserve the images: faces.jpg, paper.jpg and paper_blue.jpg in their directory.

Here was used this example that uses the jQuery plugin booklet:

To others pageflip modules: simplepageflip and pageflipnotebook.