April 20th, 2013

PagerOften have to lay out with joomla data in a database.

The most important case is when you want to redo a site written in native code (like php) where all items are in the database.
At other times, when you need to make a site that has so many products and their relevant technical data sheets, normally you create a new article, you paginate creating table with technical data, the photo aligned to the right, the description in an orange box etc. … and then he does a great job of copying and pasting, a number equal to the product list, so that you have the right layout on all pages and from there you start to change your photo, description, technical data, etc. …

While the ideal would be to create a single php page that is based on product id on the database to retrieve the data and then he lays out, in order to avoid redundancy (for example, write fifty times the html code to create the orange frame to the description ) and to save time that would have failed to change long sheets of hundreds of products!

Pager helps you do just that!

Whether you are the expert database management, and you do not know anything about SQL
By clicking the “documentation”, below, you can see a video showing the component to work!
In practice you will have a text editor, such as for the creation of articles, where you can create a layout that is the same for all products.
In the right column you will have a tool to select or tables that will be exposed and filter the results with SELECT, LIMIT, ORDER, GROUP etc. …
But how do I say that in the orange that I created in the editor there must be the column “description”? Simple, with the following syntax: [COL] description [/ COL]
(In html would look like something like: [COL] description [/ COL] )
Also we can make a JOIN between the various tables, so you can show such as the table “products” and related table “accessories” connected to the previous by a unique id.

If we make a JOIN problems may arise … for example if a product has five accessories, Pager will show five times the description of the product spaced from the descriptions of the accessories.

So if in our layout there are two blocks, one for the product and one for the accessories must enclose the block of the product inside the tag [LIMIT], for example: [LIMIT] …. … [/ LIMIT] ….. .

Pager also allows you to write custom SQL queries, making it virtually limitless!

If you have any doubts, questions, improvements or malfunction, do not hesitate to contact me!