Paid Downloads JX

September 27th, 2013

Paid Downloads JXDo you have a file which you would like to sell? Paid Downloads is a solution for you! It is a lightweight and simple-to-use extension, that makes selling files through e-commerce simple and manageable. It uses PayPal to execute transactions. Paid Downloads JX provides you a PayPal purchase button, that can be inserted in any Joomla article. After clicking on the PayPal button the users are redirected straight to the PayPal website with no unnecessary steps, where they can pay for the file they want to download. After completing the payment the users are redirected to your site, where the download link to the paid file appears. There are also download and purchase counters for each file that is selling and nice and clear transactions overview where you are able to examine the transactions’ data, such as transaction ID, transaction date, buyer email and so on. File upload is simple. Component includes a list of selling files on frontend, where download link is offered for purchased files.

Key features:

*PayPal button, that can be inserted anywhere
*One click redirection to PayPal website
*Simple file upload
*Tax calculation for each item
*Purchase and download counters for each file
*Non-regitered are able to purchase,
*Registered users are able to re-download
*Nice and clear transactions overview
*Transactions data can be edited manually
*Download page where all files are listed
*Upload Folder can be set
*Configurable Error and Thank You messages
*Paypal Sandbox option for each file for testing purposes

And more coming … suggestions are welcome!