PaidSystem for AdsManager

September 24th, 2013

PaidSystem for AdsManagerPaidSystem is the AdsManager extension that allows you to charge your visitor for posting ads.

With PaidSystem you can start making money with AdsManager.

How does it work?

Credit System

Users buy credits using a pricing scale of your choice. Payment can be made using several payment gateways. Currently paypal and are supported out of the box.
Users post ads with possible premium options for additional credits (see paid options page)
Upon ad creation credits are debited from User’s Credits

The credit system require the VitrualMoney component for create and manage your virtual currency.

Pay per ad

Users write an ad, select a duration and chosses possible premium options
A summary of the order is displayed, the user can select a payment method (offline, paypal,…)
The ad is published