November 8th, 2013

ParaInviteParaInvite uses the industry standard OAuth 2.0 for authenticating and uses the API of individual services to import contacts and send invites. This ensures your users will always be able to import contacts and send invites successfully.

ParaInvite is a full-featured viral marketing component that allows your users to manage, view and send invites. It is designed to look and feel exactly like Facebook’s invites functionality.

It allows your users to grab contacts from their webmails (Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail etc) and social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). This ensures all contacts import and invites and handled properly. It also integrates with OpenInviter to provide additional services.

ParaInvite also displays a user’s history of invites (viewable to all), and a complete breakdown of each user’s statistics (viewable to administrators).

The Ranking module allows ranking of users based on accepted or sent invites, within a specified time frame (configurable)

Other features include Auto Connections setup, points, and much much more. It’s simply too much to list them all here, but here’s a quick view:

– Notifies your users (via ParaInvite’s own notification system, email, and JomSocial’s notifications) when their invites are accepted
– Allows users to store all unsent contacts so they’ll be notified when their friends register at the site
– Send email invites in batches using cron job (for websites with limited hosting)
– Include sending invitations as part of the registration process
– Badges feature which allows your users to place personal badges on their blogs, forums and other websites to promote your site, and getting points in return.
– Namecard feature, which is a URL which your users can leave anywhere they want (forum posts, other websites, emails etc), and when people follow this link, they will view their namecards with a link to register on your site. Namecard invitations are considered a successful valid invitation.
– Allow you to restrict registration to people with valid invitations.
– More!

ParaInvite is integrated with (but does not require):
– Community Builder
– Jomsocial
– EasySocial
– Jomsocial/EasySocial points
– Jomsocial/EasySocial activity stream
– JomWall
– AlphaUserPoints
– iDevAffiliate