December 17th, 2013

PayInvoicePayInvoice is simply an invoicing system that fulfills basic needs for any entrepreneur or a large scale business owner. PayInvoice allows you to build strong, reliable system for managing all your invoicing needs. PayInvoice provide an entry level e-commerce component to anyone, starting up. You can say, minimal e-commerce platform for startup business.

Features :

1. Smooth Checkout : With PayInvoice your clients are not required to login at your site (guest checkout) and they can pay with single page checkout.

2. Secure Transactions : Invoices are visible only in case of having an authentic URL. Only administrators can send Invoice Links to clients by using inbuilt emailing system or by any other external means.

3. Information compilation at the Dashboard – We have added this pinch of usefulness to further ease the invoice management at your end. The dashboard will serve as a faithful analytics for all the actions of the invoices charged by you. The Dashboard will allow you to track and show a colorful Graphical interface for the status of your income via Invoices.

4. Multiple Currency Support : PayInvoice supports all the standard currencies around the world. You can create invoices in different currencies and can track the income by each currency on dashboard.

5. Payment Gateways : Stripe payment gateway is freely available with PayInvoice. There are possibility to add more payment gateways with time. These payment gateways will be available separately.

6. Quick refund will be possible – If the Payment gateways support an external refund, then PayInvoice will handle it efficiently. You need not to go beyond and work further. So, currently this quick refund scenario is possible in Authorize Cim, Stripe only. Paypal and Paypal Pro also support refund, but they need to refund from Paypal’s merchant account.

7. RB Framework – RB Framework is in-house developed framework for creating Joomla Extensions. It has an Ecommerce Package, which handles all the work related to payment from various payment gateways. You can find the code at