PaymentsPlus for Mosets Tree

January 29th, 2013

PaymentsPlus Native is built on the new MVC framework and is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.

Whilst PaymentsPlus is a standalone installable component for Joomla, it does require to be plugged in a host component. PaymentsPlus collects payments for offline methods PayPal and You can also manage free listings within the subscription system. PaymentsPlus currently only works with Mosets Tree, but could be adapted to other similar components due to it’s open code structure.

All subscriptions can be easily edited, even those paid via PayPal or 2Checkout. Admin can override several publishing conditions and then optionally advise the subscriber of any change. Admin can also see a snapshot of the listing without leaving the PaymentsPlus console to help ensure the submitted content is suitable for the website.

PaymentsPlus also enables you to extend the listing functionality by creating multiple listing types, for example, you can have Free, Standard and Featured listings. From PaymentsPlus 2.15+ a single generic addlisting template for each host application and all the template variables are now stored in the database. Gone is the need to touch a single line of code with modifications or new additions of new listing types now being done via a simple form.

Once you have created your listing types you can add multiple subscription products and set rules for Price, Duration, Maximum listings per user and which listing type the subscription will bind to. Once again this is all managed by the database via a simple admin form. Effectively, using the model of Free, Standard and Featured listings you could create unlimited products to cater for just about any subscription configuration. Duration can be Days, Months or Years, Price can be anything from Free to whatever and Maximum Listings per user can be from 1 to unlimited, these settings are editable for each product. For example:

Product One – 3 Months Free Basic Listing, Maximum Listings per User = 1 at $0.00 each
Product Two – 12 Months Standard Listing, Maximum Listings per User = 5 at $99.00 each
Product Three – 2 Week Standard Listing Free Trial, Maximum Listings per User = 1 at $0.00 each
Product Four – 2 Year Featured Listing, Maximum Listings per User = Unlimited at $250.00 each
Product Five – 6 Month Featured Listing, Maximum Listings per User = 3 at $100.00 each

PaymentsPlus has a patch kits available for Mosets Tree from 2.15 to 2.19 using Joomla 1.5+ and 2.2.0 to 3.0.3 using Joomla 1.6 to 2.5

Current Version Now PaymentsPlus 3.25 for Mtree 3.0.3 tested on Joomla! 2.5.8 New Upgrade and Coupon System added in Version 3.25

PaymentsPlus is licensed GPL Commercial, support and downloads are available for a small fee. More about our support subscriptions is on our website.