PayPal Express Checkout

December 22nd, 2013

PayPal Express Checkout is a simple way for you to sell digital products directly on your Joomla website. It is designed for people who are using PayPal Personal account or Premier account. It is a new way to solve your delivery problem when your customers purchase from your Joomla website. PayPal Express Checkout enable you to make money when you are sleeping. It enable you to sell digital downloadable products such as mp3, video files, zip files, PDF files, android apps, and digital tutorials. PayPal Express Checkout will show the download link to your customers who make purchase payment successfully. The download link is secure. PayPal Express Checkout protect your download link from unauthorized access. Once you download and install this extension and its plugin (packaged together), you can enable your business immediately. This extension doesn’t have complicated configuration, so that it is suitable for all people. It provides a product manager which allows you to add downloadable products. After you add your downloadable product, the plugin will help you place a “buy button” in your Joomla articles. It also provides a very simple dashboard to show you how much you have earned. PayPal Express Checkout is designed to build your business website fast. It saves your time so that you can spend more time and energy on your business. PayPal Express Checkout will help manage your sales and delivery process automatically.

Main Features:
1. Simplest payPal setting;
2. Simplest downloadable products management;
3. Simplest and automatic downloadable product delivery;
4. Simplest earning summary;
5. No programming skills required;
6. Easy to installation;
7. One step to add new downloadable product;
8. Easy to track your profit;
9. Easy to track all PayPal transactions and fees