PaypalPro for all for Virtuemart

July 20th, 2013

PaypalPro for all for VirtuemartVirtuemart Paypal Pro for All Countries allows vendors to finally use Paypal Pro outside Usa, Uk and Canada in Virtuemart 2. It works very well in Europe – for example – as Italy, Spain, French, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc..

It does NOT required paypal API user/pass but ONLY THE PAYPAL EMAIL – and obviously it needs your paypal account to be a paypal pro account!

The plugin uses Paypal iframe to enable payment INSIDE YOUR STORE, without leaving to Paypal pages (that is – anyway – an option of the plugin).

JUST UPGRADES for vm2.022, it solves the warning shown at the end of checkout process.

This plugin was developed with the Paypal support team for Italy, Spain, Germany and French, and tested many Europe Countries! It is the only one who really works because – simply – it uses the PaypalPro guidelines for outside-usa-uk-canada Countries!

With the Virtuemart Paypal Pro for All plugin, you simply setup your Paypal account to Pro (obviously a Paypal Pro account is needed!) – and your website will integrate the payment page in a iFrame!
Your customers will never leave out your site. The only parameter needed is your PaypalPro email! Exactly as in other e.commerce system, as prestashop, or opencart, or magento.

The plugin confirms successfully orders automatically, and cancelled wrong transactions, always… without leaving your website!