PayPerDownload for DOCman

January 29th, 2013

A plugin to sell files with DOCman 1.5

Start earn money with your files.

* free an payed downloads can be mixed
* Paypal Support
* taxes (in real amount or %) are calculated
* possibility to set the a time the file can be downloaded – this time can be set depending on the paid amount (can be used as an update service)
* multi-language notifications (DE, EN, PT)
* flexible amount (the customer can choose how much to pay)

Read the documentation before install.
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Italiano: istruzioni per l’installazione:

Support Forum:

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0.6a -> 0.6b
* more debug information
* fit for the API changes paypal will make on the 1st Febr. 2013

0.6 -> 0.6a
* bug-fix for payments that were first set to “pending” and paid later

0.5 -> 0.6
* a small bug-fix after a bug report and code suggestion in the forum
* better handling of “Pending” payments

0.4b -> 0.5
* the customer receive an email after the payment with the download link

0.4a -> 0.4b
* correct values with commas to values paypal can accept
* the case when the user don’t click pay but just hit enter is now handled correct

0.4 -> 0.4a
* you can choose if the minimum price is shown in the input field or not
* Portuguese translation

0.3c -> 0.4
* better user interface – the customer choose the amount at your site not at paypal
* the valid time for download can be set depending on the paid amount (you can use this to give the customer an update service)
* bug fixes & code cleanup

0.3b -> 0.3c
* some small changes

0.3a -> 0.3b
* better error reporting
* the downloadlink is shown at the top of the page

0.3 -> 0.3a
bugfix: the amounts weren’t always compared correctly