PDF to JPG convertor and viewer

April 2nd, 2012

PDF to JPG convertor and viewerWeb based PDF to JPG converter with Viewer for clients who do not wish users to download pdf.

NOTE: Server must support ImageMagicK and ImageMagicK command line command should be executable through PHP script.


Plugin that effortlessly converts PDF to Images quickly, without the burden of installing additional software on your PC. PDF is converted to Jpg and then displayed similar to google doc viewer.

It allows you to create a link that allows other people to view your document quickly and easily in any browser without FLASH or ADOBE PLUGIN.

Link to the pdf can be embed in content editor using syntax as shown below.

{pdfflipbook}images/test.pdf:Click here:0:{/pdfflipbook}

arguments :
agr1: images/test.pdf path to the pdf from root.
agr2: Click here: link displayed to view the pdf.
agr3: create jpg viewer from pdf.

Once a PDF is created , 2nd time link is launched PDF is not converted but converted file is displayed.

But in case you want to recreate a PDF file after changes and then convert then syntax of the tag will be

{pdfflipbook}images/test.pdf:Click here:1:{/pdfflipbook}

Some times imagemagick is installed but conversion does not work, then path to the conversion tool needs to be supplied

Syntax of tag to provide path to imagemagic command line convert tool


{pdfflipbook}images/test.pdf:Click here:0:usr/bin/{/pdfflipbook}

Install Plugin , enable and ready to use.

Support is included! Just post your queries @