Philo Blog

April 8th, 2012

Philo BlogPhilo Blog extends Joomla! with a easy to use yet feature rich blog partly inspired by WordPress. What makes Philo blog unique is it’s advanced features working in the background putting focus on managing your blogs articles, tags, pings and categories.

Philo Blog is a complete blog component with modules and plug-ins that has been created according to the Joomla! MVC coding guidelines. Philo Blog therefore integrates smoothly with other Joomla! modules and plugins.

A lot of hard work have been put into making a blog component that brings an easy to use administration while consisting of advanced features like TAGS, PINGING and MULTIPLE BLOGGERS. Take a quick look below at the list of features that Philo Blog offers.


* Ready to use after installation

* Tagging – add tags on the fly while creating blog articles. And search by one or all tags from each article.

* Blog Pinging – let those search engines know about your blog

* Blog categories

* Commenting system using AJAX

* Captcha – Native Joomla captcha integrated in the commenting system

* Multiple bloggers

* MyPage – keep track of your personal articles. Mypage also gives you a nice statistics module to keep track of the articles your reader likes the best + which of your articles that has the most comments.

* SEO optimized with native Joomla! 2.5 routing

* Smoothly integrates with other Joomla! modules and plugins

* Translates into other languages

* JComments is fully integrated

* Tag clouds

* Follows the Joomla! MVC component structure

* Can be overridden in your Joomla! template

* Global settings can be overridden by individual article settings

* Modules
– Latest blog articles
– Latest comments
– Most commented articles
– PhiloBlog categories list
– Tags cloud
– Most popular blog articles

* Plugins
– PhiloBlog Ping
– Joomla Search
– JComments

* User manual (online and PDF)