Phony Profiles

December 4th, 2011

Phony ProfilesPhony Profiles is a fake profile generator and community starter.

No one wants to visit an empty community, our extension allows you to create realistic profiles at set intervals so it appears your community is active and growing.

Look at some of these great features:
* Control percentage of Men/Women
* Control percentage of 6 main races
* Automatically Log newly created users in
* Randomly Log in Random Users
* Fake email which actually accepts email and can be read by admin.
* Randomly fill out profile information
* Filter & pick options and profile types by gender
* Integrates with Jomsocial Profile Types (XiPT)
* Integrates with JPayPlans
* Integrates with the GeoCoding Suite from Socialables.
* Works with The Auto Group Joiner from Socialables.
* Works with First Friend from Socialables.
* Real Location Lookup for map plotting