Photo Factory

March 1st, 2012

Photo Factory is intended to present a fully functional Images Database or Photo Library with a built in Artists Portfolio. The administrator group can also post Projects on the site, to feature special events.

Here further, the main project description and available functionalities, which can be adjusted to match individual requirements and particular settings:

Access Levels:

Site Administrator (all rights, including Editor and Projects)
Editor (unlimited images download, uploads, own portfolio)
Registered User (unlimited images download)
Guest (download only x images)

The User Module can display the following information when logged in:

Welcome Message
My Profile
My Images
Projects (for administrators)
Upload Files

If not logged in, the module will display the familiar links like Register, Forgot Password, Remember Me and Login entry fields.

The User Registration Form can have certain information fields like name, company, occupation, age, email address, etc. Here with a checkbox the user can apply also to the Editor account, his request going to admin’s pending. Also a checkbox will be present as a verification that the users agrees to the terms & conditions of the site.

Image Library. The images will be available in thumbnail format, where the administrator can set the number of images per page, to match a desired template. Pagination is available. On click on a certain image a medium view of the image will be displayed, among with the editors name, keywords, image id, download button, etc. Even on the frontend, the administrator will have the possibility to edit, set as primary image, delete or unlist the displayed image.

Upload Files is the option available for the editors and administrators. In backend a minimum and maximum length for the keywords field can be set, together with the default width and height for the thumbnail images, medium display images and download images.

Portfolio. Visible by all guests, the each editor can have his own portfolio to present him and his work. Along a main picture, name and other information fields like email (show/hide), web address, etc. can be displayed. A text area for the curriculum vitae will be also available. In the portfolio the editor can ad his images, videos (svf, flv) and attachment (extension types will be defined by the administrator).

The administrator can configure several limits like maximum allowed images from portfolio, maximum images to be uploaded on site, maximum file attachments.

The list of portfolios displays the editors name, his primary image and a portfolio link. Here in the frontend the administrator can see their status and set the proper access rights on the platform.

Projects. Adding project is a feature available only for the site administrator in order to promote certain stories, which are presenting a real interest for the site users. The projects are having almost the same