Photogallery for CB

January 10th, 2013

Photogallery for CBPhoto gallery for Community Builder is an extension to allow each user to have and manage a personal image gallery.

The front end has a nice and very intuitive interface, moreover, pointing the mouse on the icon there is a brief description about the function of the button.

Photo gallery for Community Builder is organized by categories, user must first create a folder where images can be uploaded.

Once categories and relative images have been uploaded, it will be very easy to view them by clicking on icons: list with miniatures will appear and, clicking a second time, images will be enlarged.

In this new window with enlarged images there are several options:
1) toolbar with buttons to see previous and following image and button to close the window.
2) navigation bar with preview of images next to the displayed one, so that the user can jump from one photo to another without viewing them sequentially
3) frame with the list of users tagged in the photo (that can also be visible pointing mouse in the different areas of the image)
4) utility to highlight an image to site moderators and to add tags
5) panel for managing comments

Exactly as the most popular social networks, Photo gallery for Community Builder manages tags, i.e. the creation of a specific area on the pictures that is associated with a user name; in this way, browsing in the galleries of the website, we may know the name of the people we see in the pictures.

Adding tags is very simple, just open the photo, click on the appropriate button and look in the panel that will appear the name we would like to join to the picture; after selection just click on the face of this person. When tag selection is complete press save button.
In addition to plugin for community builder, customizable from the backend, we can also install an optional component that can be very useful for the administrator to delete the photos that do not comply with site rules.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any issue, change or idea for improving Photo gallery for Community Builder!