January 15th, 2012

PicatchaPicatcha (TM) is a unique image-identification CAPTCHA that effectively protects your website from Internet abuse – spam and automated bots. It is a well known fact that websites lose approximately 3-18% of user interactions (comments, sign-up etc) due to the additional burden of re-typing the squiggly garbled text CAPTCHAs. Imagine if your website is visited from a tablet device or a smartphone – the end user is left to zoom/pan, decipher the text and typing with auto-correction makes the whole experience frustrating. It is also inevitable that mobile Internet will eclipse desktop Internet, and we believe that as a website administrator you make the right CAPTCHA choice and be ready for this shift.

Hence, Picatcha(TM) was designed keeping all these factors in mind – to give the highest levels of user experience to your website visitors while ensuring the strongest defense against spam on all kinds of devices. Picatcha(TM) presents the website visitor with an array of thumbnails. The visitor clicks and selects them to verify that he/she is a human interacting with your website and not an automated bot. Picatcha(TM) changes the standard CAPTCHA test of “are you a human?” from a necessary evil to a positive experience.

Picatcha(TM) is a web service developed initially at UC Berkeley, USA by a team of students and professors with research focus in user-interface design, web security and system design. You may enable it to stop spam on sign-up forms, registration pages, comments, polls and many more. We developed a plugin for Joomla 1.7 and a version for 1.5 is on the way. Please mail to contact[at]picatcha[dot]com if you need integration support or any form of internal customization.

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