Pinterest Pinning Block

June 24th, 2012

Pinterest Pinning BlockPinterest allows anyone to Pin any images to their site. This means whatever imgae is there in a site, has the potential danger of being copied and carried on in other sites. While many people enjoy pinning, but there are situations when Pinning is undesirable.

For certain cases you may not want this to happen to protect your intellectual property, to protect a certain design / photo which you hold copyright. This is even more true for photographers, commercial product developers. Pinterest itself added an option for webmasters to block their website from pinning (similar to how “nofollow” tag can direct search engine not to crawl a link). In the case of Pinterest, they introduced a meta tag to place in the website header to block from pinning.

We are aiming to make life easier for not so geeky developers or any one who doesn’t want to mess up with the codes. Thats why we are releasing a very lightweight system plugin for Joomla that will enable you to block content from any page on the fly. It offers you to tell which sites to block for and which site not to, so you have the flexibility. Supports Multiple Menu to block or unblock.

> Skip Item id(menu id) or menu item filter
> Menu id or item id filter type – Include or Exclude
> Skip Home page yes/no
> Skip ajax request yes/no
>Skip popup yes/no
> Skip in rss yes/no