Pinterest Showcase in Content

May 31st, 2012

Pinterest is the latest heartthrob of the new coming social networks and codeboxr makes it easier for you to show the pins inside your contents with magic spells (aka short code). Pinterest Showcase Plugin enables to show the pins/pictures from any user with their user name. It’s extensive feature also enables you to show pins from only a particular board as well. From it’s robust admin panel you can set the number of total pins to show, how many pins to show at a time, enable/disable auto slideshow etc. You can also choose the slide transition effects from marvelous set of transition effects.

The customizable settings of the plugin also gives you the freedom to control of filtering out any section or category or components where you do not wish to enable the plugin for.

Easy to use shortcode like

{cbpinshowcase username=”mashable” /}

Supported Component
Com_content(Content Component)
Com_k2(K2 Component)

Other Features

Works for anyone’s Pinterest , means your pinterest username or board name
Try to find the board name from the url while browsing any board.
Slideshow with control and direction enable / disable
Auto slideshow on/off
Flexible items to show – how many to load, how many to show and how many to slide each time
Slideshow speed customizable with mili second
Advanced caching enabled for faster performance.
Works in any module position of your Joomla template
Supports Joomla native 1.5, 1.6 and 2.5 version
Show hide brand name block
Show hide small profile picture in brand block
Show hide brand or display name
Show hide tag line or brand description
Show hide pinterest follow button linked with profile url.
Customizable filter options for Items, Sections, Categories and Components.