Playlist Image Slider

August 12th, 2012

Play List Image Slider is a j query image sliding module. It shows images from a specific folder, You don’t need to put different folder name for showing images. Module will automatically load all the images from that folder. Module as few parameter to configure like below:

a) Wrapper BG Color
b) Slider Width
c) Slider Height
d) Thumbnail Width
e) Thumbnail Height
f) Image Path

Feature :
16 transition effects;

These are:
1) Random
2) Top Bottom Diagonal Reverse Blocks
3) Top Bottom Diagonal Blocks
4) Left Right Fading Reverse Stripes
5) Left Right Fading Stripes
6) Asynchronous Dropping Stripes
7) Random Blocks
8) Slide From Bottom
9) Slide From Top
10) Slide From Right
11) Slide From Left
12) Top Bottom Dropping Reverse Stripes
13) Top Bottom Dropping Stripes
14) Fade
15) Bottom Top Dropping Reverse Stripes
16) Bottom Top Dropping Stripes