Podcast Manager

August 30th, 2013

Podcast ManagerPodcast Manager is a suite of extensions for Joomla! 2.5 designed to allow you to manage and broadcast a podcast feed directly from your site. Features include:

– Simple management: The administrator component is simple and descriptive, making it simple to properly input podcast metadata
– Easy file management: Manage your podcast files from the Joomla! administrator interface via a customized version of the core Media Manager designed to specifically process the files allowed by iTunes as podcast episodes
– Host multiple feeds: With the 1.7 release, the ability to host multiple feeds was added by popular user request, a perfect solution for producers with feeds in multiple languages
– iTunes parsable: The RSS feed produced is a valid RSS feed and is designed around the requirements to be broadcasted in iTunes, allowing users to share their broadcast with the world
– Play files directly from your site: Through the content plugin, playing files is as simple as adding a {podcast Title} in an article, a process made simple through the button plugin which displays all the podcasts in the component
– New to 2.1, statistic tracking using popular services such as Blubrry and Podtrac.