Points on review for Virtuemart

November 30th, 2012

Points on review for VirtuemartVirtuemart points on review plugin gives points to customers based on their product reviews. It works with Virtuemart Reward Points extension and/or Alpha User Points component.

It assigns points both for writing a reviews than for clicking on a star to rate products. You can also decide how many points to give depending on the stars quantity.

You can limit a maxim quantity of reviews to earn points for each customer, and apply the limit to a specific interval of days. Each point activity support the expiring points, so you can decide how many days the points earned by each review will be available.

It is very easy to use: just install, set and publish the plugin, and go!

No Virtuemart hacks is needed! We developed a new system to check reviews and synch them to points without the Virtuemart core, to guarantee free-trouble Virtuemart updates!

Required Joomla 1.7/ 2.5 – Virtuemart 2.x – Virtuemart Reward Points and/or AlphaUserPoints