Post by Email

November 28th, 2013

Post by EmailJoomla 3 and Kunena 3 are supported! Post by Email support SSL and attachments, can post on User Walls in JomSocial, in Kunena, K2, Ignite Gallery and Agora Forum, can post in selected by id topic in Kunena, can recognize exact match name of topic and automatically reply to right topic in Kunena.

Post by Email for Joomla automatically post in joomla websites, retrieves all your emails from a mailbox and automatically place them as content in Joomla!

Post by Email allows sending content to your Joomla via email or cellphone and can work with many configured email addresses.

New options in Post by Email:
– Iphone mode setting
– Ignite Gallery integration category setting (Joomla 2.5 only)
– publish up date
– You have sender filter (allowed and forbidden emails filter)
– You can have single email parsed into multiple articles. It retrieves the articles author, title and intro for each article in email so that each article is published separately.
– Duplicate content protection function for com_content
– You may choose where to publish the emails content in JomSocial: on the wall or as status update. If you choose to publish it as status update, you can control whether the “Comment” and “Like” buttons are enabled or not.
– Supported are pictures and others attached files
– Option to configure when in content will be posted attachment. Post anywhere in content tag with name of attachment and attachment will be posted at this place in HTML code.
– Support for ssl encryption and base64 encoded e-mails. If received email is encoded, is automatically decoded.
– Strip HTML tags option – to strip or not html in email content.
– Allowed HTML tags – to strip only selected html tags.
– Subscribing email address for Kunena forum.
– Component can post in selected by id topic in Kunena forum. If email is with same subject (include Re:, Fw:, Re, Fwd, etc.) email going automatically to the same thread.
– Automatically subscribe to thread email poster (Kunena only).
– Allow posts by guests (Kunena only).

Post by Email standart features (every option is individual for every email):
– Associate email address with a specific section and category
– Where to put content: In Joomla content, in K2, on JomSocial Walls, in Kunena or in Agora forum.
– If post in forum, in which forum email will be posted.
– If is checked to post in JomSocial, on wall of which user content will be posted.
– In which content section email will be published
– In which content section email will be published
– Title of the content-subject line in email
– Set users with specific email addresses
– Specify specific Joomla section or category based on receiving email address or based on sending email address
– Default author alias of content
– Publish content automatically
– Publish content on Frontpage
– Option to delete processed email
– Cronjobs to automate all