Power Play for Gallery XML

December 14th, 2013

Power Play for Gallery XMLPowerPlay is responsive and touch enabled joomla galler. Compatible for iPhone, iPad and all other android smart phones. Using the xml joomla gallery component you can add unlimited number of categories and images under those categories. You can publish / un publish those categories and images. You can order the images to show in joomla flash gallery component. The module will shows the categories and images added in the component. Using this module, you can have power to control more than 50 parameters from admin.

Key features

* Dynamic Thumb and Large Product Images
* Scroll Image of it is larger then display area
* Choose Category ID’s to display product Images
* Previous, Next Images in slideShow
* Shows Categories dropdown List
* Show/Hide Description
* Full Screen
* Configurable control button colors
* Bulk Upload feature in component
* Fixed bug for Show thumbnails top/bottom
* Fixed bug for description background alpha
* Enable scroll bar if the categories are more than 10
* Add links to images
* Added keyboard shortcuts:
Next arrow: next image
Previous arrow: previous image
Space bar: toggles auto play

Available Image Effects
* Fade
* Zoom Out
* Elastic Zoom In
* Blur Zoom Out
* Elastic Slide
* Squares
* Triple Squares
* Horizontal Stripes
* Vertical Stripes
* Waves
* Scales Bars
* Bounce Slide
* Iris
* Alpha Mask
* Intersected Bars

Available Text Effects
* Fade
* Linear Fade
* Linear Drop
* Linear Elastic Drop
* Linear Pop
* Linear Elastic Pop
* Random Elastic Drop
* Random Elastic Pop