Power Play for VirtueMart

May 2nd, 2013

Power Play for VirtueMartA Powerful module for VirtueMart. Available for all joomla and VM versions.
Works with VirtueMart 2.X version.

Features include

* Dynamic Thumb and Large Product Images
* Scroll Image of it is larger then display area
* Choose Category ID’s to display product Images
* Previous, Next Images in slideShow
* Shows Categories List
* Options to show product short description, product price and weight
* Show/Hide Description
* Show thumbnails top/bottom
* Full Screen enable/disable
* Link full images to product page
* Configurable description font colors and sizes
* Enable/Disable zoom
* Added Latin, Russian and Spanish characters
* Highly customizable and more than 50 Parameters from admin
* Show product prices with discount
* Do not show product that are not in stock
* Show featured products only
* Scroll bar to the categories menu. Now you can enable scroll bar if there are more than 10 categories
* Added price tag
* Added new price tag styles

Available Image Effects
* Fade
* Zoom Out
* Elastic Zoom In
* Linear Fade
* Blur Zoom Out
* Elastic Slide
* Squares
* Triple Squares
* Horizontal Stripes
* Vertical Stripes
* Waves
* Scales Bars
* Bounce Slide
* Iris
* Alpha Mask
* Intersected Bars
Available Text Effects
* Fade
* Linear Fade
* Linear Drop
* Linear Elastic Drop
* Linear Pop
* Linear Elastic Pop
* Random Elastic Drop