Powerful Email Editor

March 21st, 2013

Powerful Email EditorPowerful Email Editor makes changing content of emails to send out manageable through the Joomla BACK END. Easy to use and supports multilingual sites.

With HTML email support, it will make your email content more colorful and attractive.
With “Parameters” and ” Format Parameters” support, it will make your email content more meaningful.

# Supports both HTML email and Plain text email
# Manageable fields

* From name
* From email
* To email
* CC
* Subject
* Body
* Attachments

# Ability to send emails to all users who Receive System E-mails = Yes
# Multiple files attachment to an email
# Multilingual support
# Dynamic parameters which make emails more meaningful and flexible.
# Ability to format Dynamic parameters
# Ability to add more emails to send out

No core hacks.

Now Powerful Email Editor supports the following
* Joomla standard emails
* Kunena emails