July 4th, 2011

Regular “Tell a friend” scrips can only send simple recommendations to people.

PowerInviter represents a new generation of “Tell a friend” programs with many additional “PRO” features and viral marketing principles: an extremely easy way to convey a message and get a reward for the action.

Without interesting rewards, only a few visitors will feel the urge to tell their friends about your site, so PowerInviter creates motivation: people will get gifts for their recommendations!
It is precisely this fact that explains the MULTIPLE EFFECTIVENESS of PowerInviter as compared with other “Tell a friend” solutions.

This plugin allows people to recommend any page (post) to their friends with the title and short page description (teaser). It is fully integrated with the online service, so you do not need to place any HTML code into your PHP templates.

The average effectiveness of the recommendations emails is up to 60%; such a result is impossible using any other kind of advertising! Sending of recommendations and bonus emails are fully automated, so you really have nothing else to do!