PR pricetable

March 7th, 2013

PR responsive price table offers a stylistic and user friendly solution for displaying data. This is perfect for price or product comparisons, or essentially, any type of data display that suits a tabular format. Also you can use this for your product gallery. Very simple back-end to customize data. This will give you a very easy data customization experience.

♦ Responsive price table.
♦ Auto adjusts with your template layout.
♦ Easy to maintain data from back-end.
♦ Maximum 4 columns supported.
♦ Up to 6 Rows: Display extensive amounts of data.
♦ Data highlight option in a row.
♦ Extensive data control: Control over text, links, classes and other.
♦ Highlight Column Control: Set which column is defaulted as the highlight.
♦ Assign Custom Classes: Per classes control over tabular data.
♦ Different number of style to adjust with your template.
♦ Flout layout.
♦ Full data customize options.