May 31st, 2012

Better than an iFrame

Web content injected directly into your page

HTML Frames and iFrames have given developers the ability to combine web content into one page…with limitations:

Cross domain issues – browsers don’t like sites accessing each other (for good reason).
CSS styling issues – styles are not inherited, iframe styling can cause issues, etc.
SEF issues – search engines do not consider framed content as part of your site.
The list goes on…

The PraiseFrame module can be used to inject web content into a web page and avoid some of these limitations. Version 1.0 supports navigation in the framed page through the containing page. The user can specify which links should lead back to their site and which ones should not.

How does it work?

The user specifies a starting URL for the module.
When a page containing the module is requested, the server calls the URL using php curl and displays the results (with modified links) on the containing page.
If the user selects a modified link from the PraiseFrame content, they are directed back to the containing page with the original URL as part of the query string.
PraiseFrame requests the new URL and the process continues.

Future versions plan to support AJAX calls as well as forms. Keep checking back for updates and submit any suggestions you have to the forums.