June 29th, 2013

PrayerTimesKA Prayer times component and module for Joomla CMS that takes todays prayer times from database and displays them in a component view and as a module. This component and module is developed for Joomla websites.

Component Features:
Joomla MVC design.
Multiple msoque times
Backend interface to import CSV Data file.
Backend interface to edit, delete prayer times.
Dropdown box to select prayer times for desired month.
Friday prayer time message (Optional).
Show or hide component name in fronend.
Custom component heading to display in frontend.
Friday prayer time message (Optional).
Users can select month to see prayer times for a particular month
CSS file for custom styling
Example CSV file included.
Settings to set Ramadhan Times view

Module Features:
Joomla 1.5 MVC design.
Vertical and Horizontal layouts.
Joomla module class suffix and caching.
Supports multiple instances on page.
Friday prayer time message (Optional).
Custom hyperlinks.
Module Class Suffix.
Cache Time.