Presto update for Opera 10.70

August 3rd, 2010

As you may know, we have released two Release Candidates for Opera 10.61, which is a security and bugfix release. In the meantime, we have also been working a bigger upgrade, which is currently called “Opera 10.70”, although the final version number is yet to be determined.

This means that we are testing the 10.61 release, and Opera 10.70 in parallel, which may cause some confusion if you look at build numbers. The most recent 10.61 build may have a higher build number than the latest Opera 10.70 build, but that is simply the number assigned to them by the build system. Opera “10.70” is still the main development branch, while Opera 10.61 is only intended to be a smaller security/bug fix release.

With that out of the way, let’s return to the actual snapshot. This one contains mostly Presto (Core) changes, and there are even a few new features:

  • HTML5 HTML5 HashChangeEvent event object
  • CSS3 object-fit and object-position from the CSS3 Paged Media Module properties (renamed from image-fit and image-position. Requires the -o- prefix, but we recommend that you include it without a prefix if you use it on a page)
  • Selection.selectAllChildren

There are also a few optimizations for SVG, improvements to the JavaScript debugger, and we have added the option opera:config#VisitedLink|VisitedLinksState to control :visited (0 – disable :visited, 1 – match same domain only, 2 – enable :visited normally).

There are also quite a few other fixes we need to test, but let’s start with this batch.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.