Pretty Feeds

September 21st, 2013

Pretty Feeds is a Joomla! module that has changed the way in which RSS and Atom feeds from other sites were traditionally displayed. As a quick feed, you can just add a feed url and get done, and if you want total control over feed display, play with over seventy config parameters !

With advanced include-exclude filtering mechanism, have complete control over items which are parsed and items which are filtered out.


Show stylish feeds with ample options

* Add as many number of feed URLs as you fancy
* Limit the number of feed items
* Option to display or hide the date
* Option to link the title to feed item source with further possibility to open the link in new window


Now style your modules irrespective and independent of the template !

* Module Style : You can choose the display style of the overall module
* Title Style : Title of each content item can be styled separately from the overall module
* Description Style : The description or the text part can also be styled independently of the module

Either directly add CSS for each style or play with over 70 visual styling options for each !


Getting monotonous with simple one-below-the-other display ? Now get choices !

* Vertical : We have this, just in case
* Horizontal : One-beside-the-other mode so that your vertical space isn’t gobbled up
* Tabs : Beautified horizontal display by way of tabs
* Sliders : Beautified and compacted vertical display by way of sliders
* Slideshow : Image-like slideshow of any content !


No longer limit your expression to the default fonts ! With four different variations of font usage, you are not going to crave for more.

* Default fonts. This will not change the default template fonts
* Common fonts. This allows you to select from common fonts which are normally found on the user’s computer, like Tahoma, Verdana, etc
* Google fonts. Choose from hunderds of fonts hosted by Google
* Custom fonts. Use your own created or downloaded font to show the content


Seen those blocks of content on websites that remain in same position irrespective of page scroll ? It is now possible to make a module sticky, or ‘float’ it in the same absolute position on the page. So if there is something that you want your visitors to see at all times you can use this feature


Tooltips get prettier ! No longer limit yourself to the default tool tip styles !

* Optionally show or do not show the tool tip
* Include or exclude the title within tool tip
* Truncating options for limiting the tool tip by number of words or sentences
* Tool tips take the same and all style elements of titles and descriptions


There is no content of its own; while it displays whatever input you provide, the filtering mechanism provides an additional layer of security so that unwanted or irrelevant content items get filter