Pretty Modules

December 24th, 2013

Pretty ModulesPretty Modules for Joomla! is an innovative concept to incorporate multiple content within a single module in a style that is in control of the user and not of the template. Developed with the need for complete control of design customization, Pretty Content displays much more than just modules or articles. It does not have any content of its own; rather it takes content input from the user, styles it, and then displays the same content as output.

With 4 content types and 5 display options, Pretty Modules’ versatility is evident in its features.


Display a lot more !

* Modules : Beautify existing modules by including them inside Pretty Modules
* RSS / Atom Feeds : Display feeds in a manner that you want; independent of the source or template style
* Custom Content : Whether you want to add code or custom text; add them as many as you want in single module
* Articles : Show off the core content in a stylish way !


Ever wanted to add few bits of texts without bothering to make several articles or modules ? This allows you to add multiple texts right from one place. Each set can have a title and a description


Make your existing modules pretty by including them inside ! Just add the module position you want to load and get done ! Unless the existing module has its own CSS or hardcoded style, you’ll be able to change its complete style – fonts, colors and all other parameters by including it inside


Dream of ‘Latest’ or ‘Popular’ news module with customized styles for title and text !

* Display as Latest, Most Popular, Oldest, Least Popular order. Optionally, display by selecting a single article, from a single category, from a list of categories or list of user specified articles
* Limit the number of articles to be displayed
* Choose the article state and access level
* Display either intro text or full text of the article


Show stylish feeds inside Pretty Modules with ample options

* Add as many number of feed URLs as you fancy
* Limit the number of feed items
* Option to display or hide the date
* Option to link the title to feed item source with further possibility to open the link in new window


Now style your modules irrespective and independent of the template !

* Module Style : You can choose the display style of the overall module
* Title Style : Title of each content item can be styled separately from the overall module
* Description Style : The description or the text part can also be styled independently of the module

Either directly add CSS for each style or play with over 70 visual styling options for each !


Getting monotonous with simple one-below-the-other display ? Now get choices !

* Vertical, Horizontal, Tabs, Sliders and Slideshow – all-in-one !

NEW IN VERSION 4.3.2 :- Animations !